Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good Things

Some time ago, I began to jot down three things every day that made me grateful or happy. Here is a running list of those good things. Some are big, some are small; all are wonderful in some way.

  1. My NYC mug.
  2. Sinful delight coffee.
  3. Learning that warmed up again coffee isn't so bad after all.
  4. A walk in Central Park.
  5. Compliments for my puppy (he really is adorable!).
  6. Buying new shoes.
  7. A long bike ride along the river.
  8. Brunch with my honey.
  9. Toblerone!
  10. The annual Museum Mile Festival in NYC.
  11. Pearl jewelry - faux or real, it's all fun.
  12. Street vendors.

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